Templates & Infoboxes

Big Stuff

armorbig:_template Full template for combined armor and individual armor pieces.

weaponbig:_template Full un-used template for weapons, very, very looooong.

movesetbig:_template Full, old moveset table set to Data_Form style

upgradebig:_template All infusions, set to data_form style


upgrades1:_template Normal, Heavy, Sharp, Refined, Raw, Arcane, Crystal, Fire

upgrades2:_templates Chaos, Lightning, Sacred, Deep, Dark, Blood, Poison, Hollow


weapon:_template Template used for all weapons

weapon-test:_template Template used to test new additions to the original weapon:_template

upgrades:_template Template for upgrades table, no data_form, all infusions & up to +10

upgrades-test:_template Testing table for upgrades:_template