Barrel Helmet

Barrel Helmet
Barrel Helmet
icon_weight.png 3.0 270 icon-durabilitiy.png
Absorption Resistance
physical-def.png 2.1 21 bleed.png
strike-def.png 2.6 27 poison.png
slash-def.png 2.6 24 frost.png
thrust-def.png 2.1 27 curse.png
magic-def.png 4.6 1.3 poise.png
fire-def.png 2.2
lightning-def.png 4.8
dark-def.png 4.6


A wooden barrel with no lid and a faint aroma of wine.

Even in the hardest of times, a fool can always scrape the bottom of the barrel for some ill-suited courage.


Found surrounded by barrels in the High Wall of Lothric.

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