Gold Ardeo

Gold Ardeo
Gold Ardeo
icon_weight.png 6.3 450 icon-durabilitiy.png
Absorption Resistance
physical-def.png 6.1 33 bleed.png
strike-def.png 4.5 22 poison.png
slash-def.png 6.4 24 frost.png
thrust-def.png 6.6 11 curse.png
magic-def.png 3.9 7.0 poise.png
fire-def.png 4.5
lightning-def.png 5.3
dark-def.png 5.1


Brilliant metal cone that might be mistaken for some kind of ornament or decoration.

Upon closer inspection it seems there is an opening at the bottom of this object, one shaped as if to fit a human head.

Practical matters, such as descending ladders or being able to see, are not of relevance to the sort of people who wear such a curious helmet.


Looted after the final Crystal Sage location near several bookcases in the Grand Archives.

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