Gyoubu S Helm

Gyoubu's Helm
Gyoubu's Helm
icon_weight.png 2.3 250 icon-durabilitiy.png
Absorption Resistance
physical-def.png 2.7 17 bleed.png
strike-def.png 2.2 26 poison.png
slash-def.png 2.7 24 frost.png
thrust-def.png 2.7 20 curse.png
magic-def.png 3.6 1.4 poise.png
fire-def.png 3.9
lightning-def.png 4.1
dark-def.png 3.6


A strange helmet made of iron.

Two golden horns sprout from the top of this helmet as if to imitate a reindeer.

The previous wearer once was feared for their proficiency in mounted combat.

Only, if they have parted with this helm, perhaps that proficiency may have been overstated.


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