Old Monk Wrapping

Old Monk Wrapping
Old Monk Wrapping
icon_weight.png 1.0 200 icon-durabilitiy.png
Absorption Resistance
physical-def.png 0.8 10 bleed.png
strike-def.png 0.8 14 poison.png
slash-def.png 0.8 11 frost.png
thrust-def.png 0.8 28 curse.png
magic-def.png 4.0 0.0 poise.png
fire-def.png 4.4
lightning-def.png 3.8
dark-def.png 4.2


An enigmatic cone of cloth.

Albeit similar in appearance to the headpieces of the Xanthous Scholars, it does not seem to have any relation to it.

Perhaps it could be worn in a similar fashion.


Looted next to a red-eyed Lothric Knight in the Grand Archives.

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