Tengu Mask

Tengu Mask
Tengu Mask
icon_weight.png 0.7 100 icon-durabilitiy.png
Absorption Resistance
physical-def.png 1.1 13 bleed.png
strike-def.png 1.1 25 poison.png
slash-def.png 1.1 7 frost.png
thrust-def.png 1.1 29 curse.png
magic-def.png 3.8 0.4 poise.png
fire-def.png 3.2
lightning-def.png 3.5
dark-def.png 3.8


A strange mask depicting the visage of an old man.

The expression of this old man oozes anger, or perhaps concern.

His beard is long and white, fit for an elder war hero.


Looted on a roof above two kneeling Lothric Knights in Lothric Castle.

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