level.png Level 9
vigor.png Vigor 10
attunement.png Attunement 10
endurance.png Endurance 11
vitality.png Vitality 10
strength.png Strength 10
dexterity.png Dexterity 21
intelligence.png Intelligence 13
faith.png Faith 6
luck.png Luck 7
Left Hand Right Hand
Sorcerer Staff Blades of Mercy
- -
Ring Consumable
- Cracked Red Eye Orb (5)
Spells Armor
Spook Set of the Forlorn


An assassin who stalks their prey from shadowy worlds. Born specialist, fit for sleuthing or academia.

Class Notes

History Reduced Faith by 1. Reduced Attunement by 1. Increased Dexterity by 2.
1.4.6 - Removed Hunter's Ring.
1.4.5 - Given 5 Cracked Red Eye Orbs.
1.4.4 - Weapons changed to Blades of Mercy. Set changed to Forlorn's. Given Hunter's Ring.
1.4 - Changed stats.

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