level.png Level 9
vigor.png Vigor 9
attunement.png Attunement 19
endurance.png Endurance 9
vitality.png Vitality 7
strength.png Strength 7
dexterity.png Dexterity 12
intelligence.png Intelligence 22
faith.png Faith 6
luck.png Luck 7
Left Hand Right Hand
Leather Shield Rapier
- -
Ring Consumable
- -
Spells Armor
Soul Arrow, Soul Greatsword, Aural Decoy, Magic Weapon Sorcerer Set


A loner who left formal academia to pursue further research. Commands soul sorceries using high intelligence.

Class Notes


1.4.5 - Weapon changed to Rapier. Removed Scholar Ring. Now has Aural Decoy and Magic Weapon instead of Cast Light and Spook.
1.4.4 - Weapons changed to Cleric's Candlestick and Small Leather Shield. Spells changed to Soul Arrow, Soul Greatsword, Spook, and Cast Light. Given Scholar Ring.
1.4 - Changed stats.

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