Extension Skipping


Extension Skipping is a technique added by Champion's Ashes. It allows players to skip the initial part and transition immediately to the extension of any two-part Weapon Art. Extension skipping allows for new true combos, mixups and access to more of your moveset from neutral.

For example, extension skipping with a Zweihander would bypass the initial forward lunge of Stomp and transition immediately into the uppercut followup.

To perform an extension skip, press L2/LT and R2/RT consecutively.

Forms of Stance, Charge and single-part weapon arts cannot be extension skipped.

An extension skipped move consumes the same stamina and FP as the full weapon art normally would.

Video Demonstration

Includes a list of all weapon arts that can be extension skipped.


A technique similar to extension skip used to exist in vanilla Dark Souls 3, called shieldskipping. However, it was only able to be performed with certain shields that had WA Skill, It was removed in 2017.

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