Feints are a mechanic in Champion's Ashes that allows players to cancel the startup of certain attacks into other attacks. A feint is a move intended to catch the opponent off guard by baiting them into thinking one attack is coming, and then performing another. However, because attacks can only be feinted into other attacks, careless use can leave the user in a vulnerable position.

Feints abide certain rules. Only specific moves can be feinted and the different attacks they can feint into is limited. Feints must be performed during a given window before the active frames of the attack, otherwise the feint will not occur.

Spells can also be feinted, but spell feints act differently to weapon feints. Only select spells can be feinted, and they can be feinted into any spell or any attack.

Feintable attacks and spells cannot be feinted into defensive actions such as rolling or blocking.


Neutral R1, Forward R2 (previously called Jump Attack), Second R2 and Rolling R1 cannot be feinted. Neutral L1 and Rolling L1 on paired weapons also cannot be feinted.
Any attack that can feint to a Neutral R1 can also feint to Kick.
Any attack that can feint to a Neutral R2 can also feint to Forward R2 (previously called Jump Attack).

The feint options a weapon has are decided by weapon class:

  • All weapons:
  • Neutral R2 to R1.
  • Axes, 2H Straight Swords, Hammers, Greatswords, Halberds and Reapers:
  • Neutral R2 to Second R2, Running R1 into Neutral R1.
  • Ultra Greatswords, Greathammers, and Curved Greatswords:
  • Neutral R2 to Second R2, Running R1 into Neutral R2.
  • Greataxes and Whips:
  • Neutral R2 to Second R2, Running R1 to Neutral R1 and Neutral R2.
  • Paired Weapons:
  • Neutral R2 to Neutral L1, Running L1 to Neutral L1.
  • Some weapons can feint their R2s into Weapon Arts, but this is specific to certain weapons.



  • Soul Stream
  • Soul Greatsword
  • Old Moonlight
  • Dark Edge


  • Divine Pillars of Light
  • Lightning Stake
  • Lightning Storm
  • Lightning Spear variations (offhand only)
  • Way of White Corona
  • Wrath of the Gods (offhand only)


  • Black Serpent (offhand only)
  • Fireball variations
  • Sacred Flame

Weapon Arts

list of feintable weapon arts (im still working on this, ill do it later)


Examples of feints shown in action at 6:19.

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