Version 1.1.0

released April 5th, 2020

New Additions

- Replaced 3 gestures into Dark Souls I gestures
Point Down to “Triple Point Down”, Welcome to “Well, what is it”, Point Up to “Look Skyward”
Complete overhaul with offhand mechanic
- All weapons have L1 as the chain combo
- All weapons allow weapon skill similar to shields except:
Crystal Sage's Rapier, Scimitar, Rotten Ghru Curved Sword, Pontiff Knight Curved Sword
Crow Quills L2 uses new improved parry
Rapier L2 uses an offhand running attack
- L2 uses an offhand running attack
Painting Guardian Curved Sword maintains Parry, Claws and Fist weapons maintain Parry
- As a result of previous change, Bare Fists were reverted back to vanilla AR and scaling

General Changes

Balance Changes

- Adjusted tracking on R1s of vertical-hitting Ultra Greatswords, Greataxes, and Scythes. They now have better tracking if unlocked but can be strafed if locked on.
- Improved poise health for two-handed forward heavy attacks of Scythes and Halberds
- Greatsword and Straight Sword Stance weapon art R2 have improved motion values
- Estus now takes you to negative stamina and caps at -60. You can still chug multiple estus regardless of stamina
- Ashen Estus costs 30 stamina
- Kick buffer window made 10 frames before its active frame
- All forms of stance weapon arts (Rapier stance, held, etc.) received a reduction to FP costs
- Bowglitch has been removed by giving all Bows a unique Quickstep weapon art
- Improved offhand synergy with main hand on utilities that allow weapon arts
- Gave all forms of Spin Slash weapon art the ability to skip to 2nd R1 using weapon art to R1 cancel from 0 to 5 frames window


- Havel's Greatshield gained Shield Bash
- Gave Shield two-handed light attack chain better range
- Greatshields gained new jumping attacks

Axes & Greataxes

- Dragonslayer Axe gained Lightning Strike weapon art
- Butcher’s Knife gained a new weapon art, Executioner's Stomp
- Great Machete gained a new moveset
- Black Knight Greataxe gained a new kick when two-handed

Curved Swords & Great Curved Swords

- Harald Curved Greatsword gained a new moveset

Fists & Claws

- Caestus weapon art received a nerf to poise start up, FP consumption, and weapon art into weapon art cancel


- Drakeblood Greatsword gained Lightning Strike weapon art
- Nerfed Wolf Knight Greatsword's weapon art R2 tracking
- Sword of Judgment weapon art R2 can now feint into light and heavy attacks (R1/R2)

Ultra Greatswords

- Lorian's Greatsword gained Dimension Strike weapon art, and its innate fire has been slightly increased for losing the buff
- Nerfed Black Knight Greatsword's weapon art tracking

Halberds & Glaives

- Thrusting Halberds gained Shieldpoke
- Immolation Tinder received a nerf to weapon art tracking, and weapon art into weapon art cancel
- Improved two-handed Thrusting Halberd speed


- Crossbow reload has been reverted to vanilla

Hammers & Greathammers

- Replaced Vordt's Great Hammer weapon art with Champion’s Charge


- Decreased Onikiri and Ubudachi two-handed light attack tracking


- Lothric's Great Scythe gained a new moveset
- Lothric's Great Scythe gained a heavy attack feint and a weapon art feint with an improved feint window
- Pontiff Knight Great Scythe gained a new kick when two-handed

Spears & Pikes

- Silver Knight Spear weapon art R1 consumes 50% less stamina
- Buffed Follower Javelin's hyperarmor
- Improved Follower Javelin's weapon art tracking slightly and gave it extension R1/R2 cancels

Straight Swords

- Silver Knight Straight Sword given a new light attack combo matching its Dark Souls I counterpart
- Removed poise from Silver Knight Straight Sword weapon art
- Decreased Gotthard Twinswords two-handed light attack tracking
- Irithyll Straight Sword gained a new moveset and a spin slash that shoots ice
- Improved Astora Straight Sword's base AR slightly and removed its 12 faith requirement
- New moveset for Broadsword and improved its hyperarmor to Hammer level when two-handed

Thrusting Swords

- Rapier weapon art R1 feint costs stamina and its motion value has been decreased to normal R1 level
- Rapier weapon art R2 motion value increased


- Bows can be equipped offhand again
- Improved Bows overall recovery significantly
- Bow Quickstep has no iframes but has hyperarmor, damage reduction, and a stagger stun if the user collides into people during the animation

Bug Fixes

- Fixed Lothric's Great Scythe not being able to backstab
- Fixed Irithyll Straight Sword not being able to backstab
- Fixed Harald Curved Greatsword not being able to backstab
- Fixed Makoto's Parry animation when one-handed
- Fixed Pontiff Knight Curved Sword's no FP bug
- Millwood weapon art into R1 now combos properly
- Frayed Blade's 1h forward R2 now has a hitbox
- Harpe and Crescent Moon Sword now only get buffed outside of the feint window
- Removed a dagger infinite
- Fixed two-handed running dagger roll cancel
- Fixed Caestus bullet’s lightning visual effect
- Fixed Salvation Axes sorting issue in the menu
- Slowed Fire Whip down a little to fix huge damage true combos
- Fixed Soul Stream infinite
- Fixed issue where Yorshka's and Crystal Chime didn't have stamina cost
- Fixed issue where heavy Curved Swords had Straight Sword stun on two-handed backswings
- Fixed issue where offhand sorcery casting didn't feint
- Fixed Red Hilted Halberd T-pose issue
- Fixed Immolation Tinder's Farron Flash sword no hitstun issue
- Fixed issue where Great Chaos Fireball costed more stamina than vanilla
- Fixed issue where Fume Ultra Greatsword and other Ultra Greatswords performed the wrong push for two-handed fully charged heavy attacks
- Fixed no FP Lothric's Great Scythe doing wrong throw/push instead of pancake
- Fixed Greatshield Shieldbash to now use stamina instead of FP while feinting

Next Version: 1.3.0
Previous Version: 1.0.0

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