Version 1.2.0

released April 6th, 2020

General Changes

Balance Changes

- Estus and Ashen Estus stamina cost reverted back to normal
- Offhand Rotten Ghru Curved Sword doesn't block anymore
- Offhand Murky Hand Scythe doesn't use shield attacks
- Irithyll Straight Sword and Silver Knight Straight Sword no longer have two-handed poise
- Changed Harald Curved Greatsword and Machete's first light attack
- Nerfed Shield damage and block frames
- Bows that had Puncture as a weapon art now use Puncture all the time on normal arrows
- Composite and Short bows fire R1s faster
- Black Bow of Pharis is able to fire 3 arrows from normal light or heavy attacks
- Ledo's Great Hammer can now feint while buffed

Bug Fixes

- Fixed Parrying Dagger offhand
- Fixed Crossbow reload back to vanilla (for real this time)
- Fixed issue where you could recovery cancel offhand attacks
- Fixed issue where certain stance attacks didn't come out fast enough- Fixed Quickstep glitch so it now stuns properly (See Patch 1.1 for more details)
- Fixed parry frames for Crow Quills

Previous Version: 1.1.0

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