Version 1.3.1

released April 29th, 2020

General Changes

Balance Changes

- Dragon Bone Smasher weight reduced from 30 to 28.
- Added a 2nd 1h R2 for Greatshields and added a feint for Giant Door Shields.
- Changed FP cost for Unfaltering Prayer. ⠀⠀
Unfaltering Prayer on light talismans (ie. Saint’s Talisman) now cost 8 FP. Unfaltering Prayer on medium talismans (ie. Canvas Talisman) now cost 4 FP. ⠀⠀
Unfaltering Prayer on strong talismans (ie. Sunlight Talisman) now cost 0 FP.
- Carthus Bloodring now adds 3 i-frames to fat rolls only.
- Rapier Parry now has vanilla animation and frame data. ⠀⠀
6f startup (4f active), 25f roll cancel
- Changed stun on Irithyll Rapier WA from Ultra stun to Straight Sword stun.
- Dragon Head Stone allows you to sprint while using it.
- Dragon Head Stone fire doesn’t stun anymore.
- Twinkling Dragon Head Stone has increased range on its fire breath.
- Shield Throw stamina cost reduced to 24 + 26 from 24 + 56.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed some frostbite procs not having the new improved effect.
- Fixed Lothric’s Great Scythe not having a hitbox for its second R2s.
- Fixed frost effect on Irithyll Straight Sword/Rapier and Pontiff Knight Curved Sword WA not showing the outer rim of frost icicles.
- Fixed Pontiff Knight Curved Sword WA while in the offhand.
- Pontiff Knight Curved Sword and Irithyll Straight Sword WA no longer allow for 3 hit combos, have reduced frost buildup, and do not have an extended hitbox while out of FP.
- Fixed shieldpokes.
- Fixed Greathammer bug where 2nd R2 could be block cancelled on startup.
- Fixed Executioner’s Greatsword WA R2 hitbox.
- Way of White Corona now returns all 5 disks

Next Version: 1.3.2
Previous Version: 1.3.0

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