Version 1.3.2

released March 3, 2020

New Additions

New Perfect Block Mechanic for Shields
- Perfect block occurs if you perform a frame-perfect block, which lasts for 1 frame (0.015s duration window). - Perfect blocks will cut damage after shield absorption by 70% and increase stability by 20%.

General Changes

Shield Throw

- Now deals strike damage instead of thrust. - Reduced tracking and removed block frames on throw. - Increased recovery to R1 and roll. - Reduced hitbox size and hitstun.

Curved Swords

- Increased the motion value on Pontiff Knight Curved Sword WA from 80 - 100 to 100 - 120, respectively for each hit.

Straight Swords

- Increased the speed and duration of Valorheart’s first R1 block frames.


- Increased the motion value on the last hit of Greatlance’s jumping attack from 75 to 100.

Hammers & Greathammers

- Pickaxe 2h R1 combo is now more consistent.
- Ledo’s Greathammer while buffed can now cancel from running R1 into R1/R2.


- Reduced the motion value on all Greatsword’s 1h jump attacks from 118 to 90.
- Reduced the motion value on all Greatsword’s 2h jump attacks from 125 to 100.

Ultra Greatswords

- Removed the R2 into WA feint for Zweihander, Profaned Greatsword (only charged), Farron Greatsword, Cathedral Knight Greatsword, Greatsword, Black Knight Greatsword, Lothric Knight Greatsword, and Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords.
- Reduced the motion value on Dragon Bone Smasher’s 1h jump attack from 118 to 90.
- Reduced the motion value on Dragon Bone Smasher’s 2h jump attack from 125 to 100.


- Quickstep L1 cancel recovery increased.
- Black Bow of Pharis has 3 arrows now instead of 4.


- Rose of Ariandel can now perform a jump attack while 2h.


- All weapon spell buffs stamina cost reduced from 200 to 100 stamina.
- Blessed Weapon no longer regenerates, but will heal the user after consecutive hits for 40 hp per proc.
- Gentle Prayer now costs 200 stamina.
- Way of White Corona stops tracking once fired.


- Kukri stops tracking once the projectile is thrown.
- Kukri throw into roll recovery is 5 frames faster.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed Pontiff Knight Curved Sword 2h R1 not having stun.
- Rotten Ghru Dagger has Chain Dance WA and can backstab again.
- Pontiff Knight Great Scythe WA R2 will no longer combo into R1 or R2.
- Fixed a bug where players couldn’t perform jump attacks with an offhand talisman.
- Fixed offhand 2h R2 while talisman is in the mainhand.
- Fixed vanilla bug where fire- and chaos storm spawned under the floor at old wolf.

Next Version: 1.3.3
Previous Version: 1.3.1

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