Version 1.3.3

released May 12, 2020

General Changes

Straight Swords

- Slightly reduced physical scaling on Shortsword.


- Added damage reduction to Neck Swipe WA during hyperarmor frames.


- Replaced Galvanise WA on Smough’s Greathammer with new WA
- “Executioner’s Charge”.


- Added a new third 1h R2 for Staves. Rings
- Flynn's Ring weight reduced.
-Flynn's Ring status effect bonus increased.
-Flynn's Ring physical damage bonus increased.


- Reduced hitstun on Black Serpent to Dagger Stun.
- Increased Faith requirement for Blessed Weapon miracle from 15 to 20.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed bug for perfect block mechanic that didn’t allow you to perfect block when one-handing certain weapons with shields.
- Fixed bug that allowed Gold and Silver Tracers WA to infinite combo.
- Fixed bug with Eleonora where it had Sever WA instead of Spin Slash WA.
- Fixed bug with Old King’s Greathammer where it still applied Perseverance WA when not meeting requirements.
- Fixed bug with Dragon Bone Smasher where it had Greatsword moveset when equipped in the left hand.
- Fixed bug that allowed two handed straight swords to feint forever with R2’s

Next Version: 1.3.4
Previous Version: 1.3.2

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