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Version - September 29th

Hotfixes for 1.4.5

General changes

Increased forward momentum of power-stance first and third L1.

Great Hammers
Reduced motion value of Champion’s Lunge initial jump to 125.
Reduced motion value of Champion’s Lunge extension (first part) to 60.
Reduced motion value of Champion’s Lunge extension (second part) to 100.

Increased recovery of 1H neutral R1 to offhand L1 by 1 frame.
Decreased recovery of power-stance first L1 slightly to enable it to consistently true combo into power-stance second L1.

Tripled effectiveness of Farron Ring, weapon arts now consume 75% less FP when equipped.

Removed feints from Stance R2 (Silver Knight Spear).

Starting Gifts
Added “None” option.

Thrusting Swords
Reduced auxiliary build-up of power-stance attacks.

Title Screen
Removed floating “™”.

Bloodborne changes

Ludwig’s Holy Blade
Reworked scaling. Is now a Strength-Faith hybrid weapon.
Changed stat requirements to 16 Strength, 12 Dexterity and 16 Faith.
Radiant Strike buff no longer changes AR to fire, now provides the following effects:
-Above 50% HP: 10% damage boost + 10% Absorption boost to all elements.
-Below 50% HP: 20% damage boost + 5% Absorption boost to all elements.
Duration increased to 40 seconds.

Running R1 now has the same tracking as Dark Souls 3 thrusting sword running R1.
Increased active frames of Running R1 by 1 frame.
Reduced critical damage to be on par with other Dark Souls 3 thrusting swords.
Increased FP cost of Graceful Salvo to 20.

Bug fixes
Fixed an item in High Wall of Lothric providing an invalid item.
Fixed Ledo’s chest piece showing skin when used on small body presets.
Fixed accessing unreleased weapons with Shriving Stones.
Fixed Reiterpallasch riposte and backstab bugs.
Fixed Reiterpallasch shieldpoke > R2 following up with the spear R2.
Fixed issues with Graceful Salvo when used without sufficient FP.

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