Version 1 4 6 1



Hotfix patch for 1.4.6.

General Changes

Bewitched Alonne Sword
Harakiri no longer true combos into itself.
Harakiri now true combos into a Neutral R1.
Reduced motion value of Harakiri to 180.
Harakiri now inflicts Slash damage instead of Thrust.
Can no longer be buffed with resins/bundles/etc.
Increased blend of 2H neutral R2 transition to make it look less janky.
Reduced upgrade level to +5 (you will need to find or get a new +5 Bewitched Alonne Sword for this to take effect).

Increased recovery of running R1s into all actions by 2 frames.

Reduced effectiveness of Farron Ring to provide a 50% Weapon Art cost reduction.

Bloodborne Changes

Increased recovery of Graceful Salvo by into all actions by 3 frames.
Decreased tracking of Graceful Salvo.

PvE Changes

High Wall of Lothric
Overhauled lighting to appear more natural like early screenshots.

Cemetary of Ash
Adjusted lighting and time of day to match concept art.

Old Wolf of Farron
Adjusted lighting and fog on distant terrain.

Soul of Cinder
Adjusted hitboxes, damage and active frames.
Can now access new spells and moves, such as Soul Greatsword and Forbidden Sun.
Can now access new weapon forms, such as a Glaive, UGS or Lance.
Added a third phase that occurs when he reaches 50% HP in the second phase.

Starting Classes

Reduced Faith by 1.
Reduced Attunement by 1.
Increased Dexterity by 2.

Reduced Intelligence by 1.
Increased Faith by 1.

Reduced Intelligence by 1.
Reduce Attunement by 1.
Increased Strength by 2.

Increased Luck by 1.
Increased Dexterity by 2.
Reduced Attunement by 2.
Reduced Intelligence by 1.

Reduced Attunement by 3.
Increased Luck by 3.

Bug Fixes

Fixed various armour model masks.
Fixed bugs with Black Knights in Untended Graves.
Fixed ?GoodsInfo? appearing in the Shrine Handmaid cheat shop.
Fixed Ancient Dragon Greatshield allowing for vanilla-style HP regeneration toggling by rapidly equipping and unequipping it.
Fixed firearms gaining status effects when the mainhand weapon is buffed with Rotten Pine Resin or Carthus Rouge.
Fixed Harakiri being labelled as “Bloodlust” in the menu.
Potentially fixed various “random” crashes in pve

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