VERSION - 3rd January 2021


  • Hotfix patch for update 1.4.8.
  • Staff changes
  • Charcoal/Gold Pine Resin VFX changes

General Changes


  • Renamed Mirror Knight armour set to “Looking Glass” set.


  • Mailbreaker 1H R2 can no longer feint into WA.


  • Reduced wall bounce hitbox of Black Knight Greataxe 2H R2.

Great Hammers

  • Reduced motion value of Dragon Tooth Stomp R2 first hit to 60 and second hit to 100.
  • Improved tracking of Dragon Tooth Stomp R1.


  • Loyce Greatsword 1H R2 can no longer feint into WA.
  • Changed VFX for Stance of Judgement buff.


  • Decreased recovery of 2H Alonne Sword R1 into offensive actions by 2 frames.


  • Reduced the maximum casting speed cap to 40 virtual Dexterity for Wrath of the Gods, Force, Emit Force, Lightning Storm, Lightning Stake and Lifehunt Scythe.


  • Reduced the maximum casting speed cap to 40 virtual Dexterity for Black Flame, Great Combustion, Flame Fan and Sacred Flame.


  • Changed VFX for Charcoal Pine Resin and Gold Pine Resin.


  • Reduced Deep Soul FP cost to 4 FP.
  • Reduced Deep Soul stamina cost to 12 stamina.
  • Removed Deep Soul Intelligence requirement.
  • Removed Frozen Weapon Intelligence requirement.
  • Removed casting speed scaling from Frozen Weapon (it now always has maximum casting speed regardless of Dexterity or equipment).
  • Reduced the maximum casting speed cap to 40 virtual Dexterity for Soul Greatsword, Old Moonlight, Farron Flashsword and Dark Edge.


  • Court Sorcerer’s Staff, Sorcerer’s Staff, Sage’s Crystal Staff, Mendicant Staff, Preacher’s Right Arm and Storyteller’s Staff are considered “small staves”.

All other staves are considered “long staves”.

  • Long staves have dagger hitstun when 1H and twice the melee stamina cost of short staves.
  • Short staves have straight sword hitstun when 1H.
  • Added high Dexterity scaling to Witchtree Branch.
  • Increased base AR and Strength scaling of Sorcerer’s Staff.
  • Increased base AR of Court Sorcerer’s Staff, Heretic Staff and Mendicant Staff.
  • Increased base AR of Storyteller’s Staff and added Poison build-up on hit.
  • Removed Intelligence requirement from Mangrub Staff.
  • Added base Lighting AR to Archdeacon Staff.
  • Added base Magic AR to Sage’s Crystal Staff.
  • Increased Strength scaling of Preacher’s Right Arm.

Straight Swords (Fast variant)

  • Increased recovery to R1 of 2H second R1 by 3 frames.
  • 2H third R1 is now the same speed as the 2H first R1.

Thrusting Swords

  • Rapier Stance consumes FP at the start of the animation (before iframes begin).

Ultra Greatswords

  • Increased recovery of Stomp into consumables by 3 frames.
  • Increased recovery of Earth Splitter L2 into consumables by 6 frames.
  • Reduced wall bounce hitbox of Black Knight Greatsword 2H R2.

Bloodborne Changes

Amygdalan Arm

  • Untransformed R1s now have Greatsword poise health.
  • Removed item and block feints from R2s.
  • Improved tracking of Forward R2s/Jump Attacks.
  • Untransformed attacks no longer bounce from shields.

Gatling Gun

  • Decreased recovery into attacks and roll by 8 frames.
  • Decreased recovery into consumables and movement by 4 frames.


  • Increased tracking of transformed rolling attacks to be on par with 2H Astora Greatsword rolling R1.
  • Increased tracking of transformed neutral R1s.
  • Increased tracking of transformed third L1.
  • Increased active frames of transformed jumping attack by 2 frames.

PvE Changes

Cemetary of Ash

  • Reduced HP of the Heide Knight.

Dreg Heap

  • Greatsword wielding Lothric Knights will now use Lightning Blade.
  • Adjusted lighting.

High Wall of Lothric

  • Placed explosive barrels next to hard-to-reach crossbow-wielding enemies.

Irithyll Dungeon

  • Adjusted lighting in Profaned Capital.

Kiln of the First Flame
*Minor lighting adjustments.

Lothric Castle

  • Sky lighting is now consistent across Lothric Castle, Grand Archives and High Wall of Lothric.

Painted World of Ariandel

  • Added a tree branch to Champion Gravetender boss arena to allow the player to exit without warping.

Soul of Cinder

  • Adjusted moveset.

Title Screen

  • Changed start-up “Logging into the Champion’s Ashes server” back to Logging into the Dark Souls 3 server” to prevent confusion.

Bug Fixes

  • Amygdalan Arm no longer has infinite poise.
  • Fixed Overlit Firelink interiors (firekeeper graves as well).
  • Fixed various instances of strange light leaking, which was environmental mapping.
  • Fixed overlit trees and underlit shadows in Farron Keep.
  • Restored Just Frame visual effects.
  • Sword Master no longer respawns.
  • Fixed NPCs in the Undead Settlement dying when entering Vordt of the Boreal Valley’s boss arena.
  • Fixed a chest in the latter half of Irithyll of the Boreal Valley being empty.
  • Fixed a bug with Greirat’s Cell Key in High Wall of Lothric.
  • Gundyr's Halberd now displays the correct weapon art.
  • Fixed whips having the wrong animation for 2H Forward R2.
  • Fixed Wolnir not being hidden at the start of his battle.
  • Added feint limit to Cathedral Knight Greatsword.
  • Removed physical bonfire from Rope Bridge Cave.
  • Fixed offhand Rapier inconsistently performing Parry with L2 input.
  • Fixed various model mask issues with certain armour pieces.
  • Crystal Sage will no longer disappear into the ground forever at low HP.
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